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Summer 2018 Classes

Summer provides a marvelous time to learn and create. This summer we are offering many short-term, rotating classes to spark your innate creativity and enable you to learn a new technique or build on an existing one.

These classes are open to anyone over 14 (if you are interested in classes for children, please let me know). Most classes will include materials and at least 2 hours of instruction and work on the first day and 2 hours of work/completion time on the following day, with assistance from the instructor. 

Tuition is listed for first day of classes and $5 will be the fee for the second day work time, unless otherwise noted.

To register for classes send a check for the basic fee and your name, class & date, email, and phone to 4849 Cory Corners, Marion, NY 14505.

You may register as late as the day before a class by calling 315-926-5765.              For visual convenience:  Calendar of Summer Classes

Knitting Classes  

Your First Knitted-in-the-Round Hat (suitable for beginners)

You do not need to know how to knit to take this class. It is suitable for "bare" beginners.

We will use chunky yarn and size #10, 16” circular, knitting needles to make a child or adult size hat.

If you have these needles, bring them, otherwise, I will provide them for use in the class.

Appropriate yarn will be provided. Techniques will include casting on, knitting with circular and

with double pointed needles, and decreasing.

Fee $15. Aug. 3, class 10am-12:30pm.  Sat, August 4 completion time, 10-12, $5.

Lace Knitting 100​    (basic knitting experience suggested)

Bring size 8, 9 or 10 straight, 16” or 24" circular, knitting needles. If you do not have these,

they may be purchased in the shop. Appropriate yarn will be provided to enable you

to learn the yarn-over, increase, decrease, and slip stitch techniques that are the basis

of lace knitting. You will employ these stitches in an attractive scarf (knit in a light-weight

cotton-blend yarn) that you will begin in class. Knowing these stitches will prepare you for the more

complex, traditional lace knitting class offered in August.

Fee $15. Fri. July 20, class 10am-12:30pm.  Sat., July 21 completion time, 10-12, $5.

Also offered Tues, Aug 7, 2 -4pm and Wed, Aug 8, 3pm - 5pm 

Beading/Jewelry-Making Classes

Three Easy Bracelets

A 2-hour fun class that will let you make 3 different types of easy bracelets: a memory wire bracelet, a knotted cord

bracelet, and an elastic-strung bracelet. Lots of beads provided, both glass and metal, to string onto materials of

your choice.  

Fee $15.         Tues, Aug 14, class 2-4:30 pm.  

Peyote Stitch Bracelet

In the 3-hour Tuesday class you will learn the peyote stitch and begin your bracelet.

Mary Ballou, our accomplished teacher, who teaches this class will also provide guided

work time to finish your bracelet the following day (Wed).

Two colors of Delica beads, FireLine, 2 beading needles, and a clasp are included in the

Fee $25

Tues, July 24, class 1 pm-4 pm.  And opt. completion time, Wed, July 25, 3-5, $5

Chan Luu Style Double Wrap Bracelet

In the 3-hour class you will learn the techniques for making a Chan Luu style bracelet.

These very popular bracelets traditionally wrap 3 times around your wrist, but because

of time constrains we will make a double wrap bracelet with synthetic leather cord,

glass beads, and an attractive metal button.  (additional $8 to upgrade to leather cord)

Fee $23.  Fri, Aug 17, 10-12 pm  And opt. work time,Sat, Aug 18, 10 - 12 pm


Felting Classes - BFF is happy to have Gail Loveland of Feathertree Felt in Palmyra as our felt teacher this summer.

Dabbling with Needle Felting

Are you curious about what needle felting is all about? This introductory class is intended to provide instruction

in a fun environment where you can explore and discover the properties of the wool and learn the basics of

needle felting. You will create a simple wool “painting” to take home with you. All materials (needles and wool)

will be provided. No experience necessary. 

Fee $12.   TBA

Wet & Dry Felting

This two-day class focuses on wet felting and needle felting. On the first day you will

learn to layer wool and create a wool fabric that will be your “canvas” for the needle felt

painting of day two. On day two, after your wet felt dries, you will have lots of time to

needle felt a painting, portrait or object with various fibers, yarns, and objects onto your

unique felt canvas. When finished your project can then be framed or hung.

All materials (wool and needles) will be provided, but it would be helpful if students could bring

an old towel.        Attendance in the Dabbling in Needle Felt class offered earlier is helpful

but not necessary.

Total fee $20.     TBA


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